Can You Get PTSD from a Motorcycle Accident?

-Posted On March 2, 2023 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Motorcycle accidents can lead to a wide range of injuries, including broken bones, brain damage, and internal bleeding. However, these collisions can have devastating emotional effects as well. In fact, many motorcycle accident victims develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a severe emotional condition that occurs after experiencing or witnessing significant trauma.

While many people associate PTSD with military combat, it can also occur after other types of traumatic events, including motorcycle accidents. It’s crucial to seek medical care as soon as possible if you experience any symptoms of PTSD after a collision, as it can help reduce the severity of the condition.

How Do You Know If You Have PTSD After a Motorcycle Accident?

PTSD symptoms typically occur within a month after a traumatic event, although some people may not experience any signs until years later. Generally, medical professionals classify PTSD symptoms into four groups: avoidance, intrusive memories, negative changes in thinking or mood, and changes in physical and emotional reactions.

Avoidance Symptoms 

One of the main symptoms of PTSD is avoiding anything that reminds you of the traumatic event. This can include avoiding people, places, or activities that trigger memories of the accident. You may also lose interest in activities you once enjoyed, such as riding a motorcycle.

Intrusive Memories

Intrusive memories can include recurrent, unwanted distressing memories of the traumatic event, flashbacks, or upsetting dreams or nightmares about the accident. You may also experience severe emotional distress or physical reactions to something that reminds you of the accident.

Negative Changes in Thinking or Mood

Negative changes in thinking or mood are another common symptom of PTSD. This can include negative thoughts about yourself, others, or the world, feeling hopeless about the future, and difficulty maintaining close relationships. You may also feel detached from family and friends or lose interest in activities you once enjoyed. 

Changes in Physical and Emotional Reactions

PTSD can also cause changes in physical and emotional reactions, also known as arousal symptoms. These symptoms can include being easily startled or frightened, always being on guard for danger, and self-destructive behavior, such as drinking too much or driving too fast. 

What to Do If You Experience PTSD Symptoms

If you experience any symptoms of PTSD after a motorcycle accident, it’s crucial to seek medical care as soon as possible. PTSD is a serious condition that can significantly impact your daily life, relationships, and work. Seeking help from a mental health professional can lead to proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment. The sooner you receive care for PTSD, the less severe the condition is likely to be, and the better your quality of life can be.

Recovering Compensation for PTSD After a Motorcycle Accident

If you develop PTSD after a motorcycle accident, you may qualify for legal action. Depending on your situation, you could file a lawsuit or insurance claim against the person responsible and recover compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. 

However, proving that your PTSD was caused by the accident can be a challenging process. You will need to provide evidence that demonstrates the following the severity of your PTSD symptoms, the connection between your PTSD and the accident, and the impact of your PTSD on your daily life.

To build a strong case for compensation, it’s essential to work with a personal injury attorney who can help you gather the necessary evidence and advocate for your rights. Contact a San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case and plan your next steps.

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