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-Posted On June 7, 2017 In Uncategorized-

Two Car Passengers Killed In Fatal Car vs Truck Crash Near Oakland

A man and a girl were killed on Interstate Highway 880 in Oakland earlier this month when a white box truck, which had been sitting disabled on the right shoulder, was hit by a black BMW that had been speeding north before veering off the road, striking the truck, according to authorities. Immediately after striking the truck, the BMW re-entered the freeway, and was then subsequently struck by a Ford F-250, said the California Highway Patrol. A man and girl were sitting in the back of the BMW at the time of the crash, and were both killed as a…
-Posted On June 5, 2017 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Fatal Crash Between Motorcycle And Truck Blocks Marin’s Shoreline Highway

A Marin County motorcycle accident between a bike and a septic truck in Bolinas proved fatal earlier last month, according to California Highway Patrol. Reported late in the morning around 10:30am on state Highway 1 near Olema Bolina Road, emergency crews first on the scene noted that “the motorcyclist received immediate medical attention but was pronounced deceased on the scene a short time later.”My heart goes out to the family of this fallen biker. How quickly a wonderfully fun ride can turn tragic! Although the investigation remains open, Marin-Area CHP Spokesman Andrew Barclay did note that: “… Our preliminary investigation…
-Posted On June 3, 2017 In Bicycle Accidents,Bicycle Community-

Mysterious Fatal Bicycle Crash In Petaluma Raises Questions For This San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney

Sadly, earlier last month, A 69-year-old-man succumbed to the injuries suffered in what turned out to be a fatal Petaluma bicycle crash. The seemingly solo bicycle collision sent this gentleman over his handle bars and caused him to hit the ground face first, said officials in Petaluma. Police were called to the intersection of B Street and El Rose Drive, after receiving reports of a bicyclist on the ground with “significant trauma to his head and face”. The injured Petaluma cyclist was wearing a helmet at the time of the incident. Police do not believe road conditions or other vehicles…
-Posted On May 30, 2017 In Bicycle Community-

Road Rage Justice – Bicycle Riders Holding Drivers Accountable

Riding your bicycle on the roadways of America is usually dangerous enough, but if we throw in some drivers with road rage, then bicycling can result in even more personal injury or even wrongful death. For years, bicyclists have been confronted by and suffered from near misses by angry drivers who do not show the same respect or courtesy to bicycle riders that they do to other car drivers. Indeed, some drivers do not afford the most rudimentary common courtesy to cyclists, and this is one of the reasons why cyclists act so darn angry a lot of the…
-Posted On May 11, 2017 In Uncategorized-

Boycotts or Buycotts? Using Money To Express Your Opinion

Expressing your political views is a corner stone of America, and throughout the years we’ve found more creative and interesting ways of expressing those opinions, including, through our wallets. Political views are melding with consumer advocacy; that is advocacy by consumers, not just for consumers. In recent months, as America has become increasingly more politically charged, a campaign called #grabyourwallet has targeted and boycotted brands associated with President Trump, with Trump responding to the campaign in kind by offering support for those brands listed to boycott (or, in this case, “Buycott”) Neeru Paharia, a researcher at Georgetown University, notes…
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