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-Posted On September 13, 2016 In Uncategorized-

4 things to focus on before you hire a personal injury attorney

If you need to hire a personal injury attorney, here are four things to focus on to help you make this important decision. Success rate – Not only should you be concerned about a personal injury lawyer’s experience; you should focus on their success rate as well. And it’s not enough to just win a case; you’ll also want to know about the amount of settlement compensation, making sure you retain a lawyer who is skilled in getting you as much financial compensation as possible. Reputation – A lawyer who is well-known in the legal community, and who has a…
-Posted On September 6, 2016 In Uncategorized-

Steps to take if you are injured at work

If you sustain an injury at work, there are several things you must do to protect yourself and preserve your rights. In general, workers’ compensation will provide you with the medical benefits you need to recover from your injury as well as partially replace some of the wages that you may lose while you recover. If the injury was due to negligence by your employer or a third party, you will need to retain an attorney to help you seek pain, suffering, and punitive damages. If you are injured at work, take these steps: If you are in need of…
-Posted On August 30, 2016 In Uncategorized-

Head injuries are not always readily apparent

In many cases, when a head injury takes place, the trauma will be noticeable and immediate requiring prompt medical care. However, the brain is a complex and a high-level functioning organ and sometimes after an accident or a lesser traumatic brain injury, symptoms may not be immediate and readily apparent. Still, vigilant family members, co-workers and others should be on the look-out for things such as: Dizziness Difficulty in walking or maintaining balance Impaired and blurred vision Mood swings Difficulty speaking Frustration and anger Memory loss Depression Ringing in the ears Sensitivity to noise The lack of ability to concentrate…
-Posted On August 23, 2016 In Uncategorized-

Proving fault in a fatal car accident

There are few things in life that match the trauma of losing a loved one in a fatal car accident. It is sudden and jarring, and can leave emotional and financial scars that can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that car accidents kill about 35,000 people every year in the United States. That’s about one death by car accident every 12 minutes. The leading causes of these deaths are due to: Distracted drivers Driver fatigue Drunk and reckless driving Weather conditions Street and highway defects Car manufacturing defects Inexperienced and/or elderly drivers In some…
-Posted On August 16, 2016 In Uncategorized-

Defective products are dangerous products

When you buy or use a product, you have a reasonable expectation that you will be able to use that product safely as intended. While the vast majority of times that is the case, sometimes products are defective, and that can put your health and safety at risk. If you’ve been injured and can prove a product is defective, you have a strong case for collecting damages as a result. Specific laws will vary from state to state, but a seasoned lawyer with experience in dealing with defective products will be able to make a strong case on your behalf…
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