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-Posted On August 31, 2018 In Back and Neck Injuries-

Back and Neck Injuries in San Francisco

Injuries to the neck and back can result from car accidents. This is especially prevalent in San Francisco given that the city has many pedestrians and people using bicycles and motorcycles. As a result, most accidents happen to such road users who fall victim to reckless vehicle drivers. This causes severe injuries that affect the daily lives of many residents of the city. Neck and back injuries can be attributed to whiplash. This is the jerking motion that occurs when a moving vehicle slams into someone. The resultant force of inertia causes vigorous movement that seatbelts or other objects…
-Posted On August 24, 2018 In Wrongful Death-

San Francisco Wrongful Death

A wrongful death occurs when a person dies due to some sort of act of negligence or wrongdoing by another person. It can also apply to medical malpractice in relatively more uncommon cases. In opposition to something such as a murder, wrongful death is typically handled as a civil lawsuit. This means either a surviving family member(s) will directly bring it forth into a court of law or an official representative of the deceased person’s estate, to then decide upon an appropriate amount of compensation paid for by the defendant. A civil lawsuit of this nature can, and often is,…
-Posted On August 17, 2018 In Taxicab Accidents-

Taxicab Accidents in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of America’s busiest and most popular cities, making taxi rides common and abundant for tourists and locals alike. This is because taxis work as a great convenience, particularly for people who are not properly served by other transport options or must travel to the surrounding areas. Plus, taxis come in handy when you’ve had a night out and want a safe way to get home. Taxi Collisions in San Francisco However, taxi drivers (like other drivers) may be reckless in how they make their way out of traffic. Or they might speed so that they can…
-Posted On August 10, 2018 In MUNI Accidents-

MUNI Accidents in San Francisco

MUNI refers to the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority. The importance of the transport system to the city can hardly be questioned. This is considering the number of jobs it has created and the facilitation it provides for the movement of the city’s residents. Despite its significance, there have been a considerable number of accidents involving passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and people operating vehicles. The Scope of the Situation in San Francisco The reports of accidents at the MUNI station include the 2014 incidents in which two accidents happened between minutes of each other. In the accidents, 40 people were injured,…
-Posted On August 3, 2018 In Pedestrian Accidents-

Settlements: San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents

Typically, when one is in the process of filing an insurance claim or lawsuit after an accident that may be considered a pedestrian accident, they are thinking about what it is that they will be receiving in compensation for their injuries. This is not exactly a question that can be given a completely accurate answer. As any injury lawyer will tell you, there are many different factors and variables that go into manifesting the final amount of compensation you will receive. With that being said, of all of the 50 states, California law deals with more infringements involving cars than…
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