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More to Be Done to Reduce Dangers of Commercial Truck and Bus Accidents

posted in Automobile Accident, by Claude Wyle, on July 29, 2011

Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board held a two-day forum to discuss commercial trucking and busing safety among federal regulators, industry representatives and safety advocates. The Associated Press reports that the focus of the forum was prevention of deadly accidents and understanding why past safety recommendations have not been enacted…

Dangerous Roads Often a Factor In Marin County Bicycle Accidents

posted in Bicycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on July 6, 2011

Marin County is well known as the birthplace of mountain biking with Mt. Tamalpais in its center with more trails than you can count.  Chances are that on any given morning, especially on weekends, you will usually find a group of road bikers zooming by, many before 8:00 a.m.  Marin…

Mill Valley Bicycle Accident Attorney Reports Bicycle vs Truck Collision In Mill Valley

posted in Bicycle Accidents Uncategorized, by Claude Wyle, on June 7, 2011

As a pro-bicycle attorney and advocate, and a lifetime Mill Valley resident and cyclist, I am sad to report a serious bicycle vs. truck accident in Mill Valley occurring last Thursday at or around 5:00 p.m. at the Sycamore Ave. and Camino Alto intersection, one of Mill Valley’s busiest. I…

San Francisco Pedestrian and Bicycle Accident Attorney Concerned: Another Taxi Accident With a Cycli

posted in Bicycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on June 6, 2011

San Francisco is supposed to be a bicycle-friendly city with its many bike lanes, pro-bicycling traffic signs and laws and not to mention its many bicycle commuters and the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition. Cycling to work or just for errands is a great way to lower our carbon footprint while…

Bike Riding in Cities on the Rise, But So Are Accidents

posted in Bicycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on June 3, 2011

Many cities across the country are trying to go green: instituting recycling programs, promoting public transportation, and encouraging cycling to work. However, some cities, including San Francisco, are finding that promoting bike use has its share of downfalls. San Francisco’s bicycle ridership has increased 53 percent since 2006, and the…

Sonoma County Wrongful Death Attorney Sadly Reports Child Fatality from Texting-While-Driving

posted in Pedestrian Accident, by Claude Wyle, on May 20, 2011

It is always sad when I read about a fatality caused by a careless driver, and I have devoted my career to making those drivers accountable. When the culprit is simple distracted driving, and when the accident could have so easily been avoided, it’s just so much worse! And it…

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney Salutes Todd Overzet, CHP

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on May 5, 2011

A veteran CHP motorcycle officer returned to duty on Monday after suffering from critical injuries in a crash nearly a year ago . Motorcycle crashes can be horrific and often end in lifelong disability.  But I’m happy to report that Todd Overzet, CHP, was able to heal from his serious…

Hey San Francisco! May is National Bike Month, So Ride To Work Or School.

posted in Bicycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on May 3, 2011

The League of American Bicyclists is the national sponsor of Bike Month and is promoting: Bike-to-Work Week 2011 from May 16-20 Bike-to-Work Day on Friday, May 20 Bicycle commuting to work is good for the biker and good for the community.  National Bike Month spreads knowledge and incentive to potential…

Study Identifies Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on May 2, 2011

European investigators recently published what experts have called the most comprehensive collection of data on European motorcycle accidents. Although information about the United States was not included in the study, its findings can still help American motorcyclists stay safe. The study included data collected from 921 motorcycle accidents (103 of…

San Francisco Bike Attorney Notifies of Proposed Golden Gate Bridge 10-mph Speed Limit for Bicycles

posted in Bicycle Injuries, by Claude Wyle, on April 27, 2011

The Golden Gate Bridge staff wants to impose a 10 mph speed limit on bicyclists – with a $100 fine for violators – following a year-long study by Alta Planning & Design that excluded input from local cycling groups. The speed limit would drop to 5 mph around the blind…

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