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-Posted On September 14, 2010 In Gas Pipe Explosion-

PG&E Sets Up Fund for San Bruno Explosion Victims–Know Your Rights

In the wake of the San Bruno gas pipeline explosion, PG&E held a press conference on Monday outlining the $100 million “San Bruno Fund” and initial steps that will be taken to begin compensating for victims of the tragedy in San Bruno. For residents in the affected area, PG&E will provide disbursements of $15,000, $25,000, or $50,000 per household depending on the extent of damage incurred. Good news for San Bruno explosion victims? Sure. At least in part. One of the fears that I discussed earlier, that PG&E would behave just like its corporate brethren–BP Oil–and use the desperation of…
-Posted On September 10, 2010 In Gas Pipe Explosion-

Natural Gas Line Explosion in San Bruno–PG&E Cover Up?

I’m stunned as I consider the images the natural gas line explosion this evening in San Bruno shortly after 6 p.m., leaving many people critically injured and at least one person dead. **Previously posted photos from have since been removed. As a Bay Area resident, my heart goes out to the victims and their families. As a San Francisco injury attorney and a Pacific Gas and Electric consumer, my thoughts immediately turn to how this could have happened. Don’t look at PG&E to step up and take responsibility for this San Bruno gas line explosion and any time soon,…
-Posted On August 2, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

California Court Makes Parks Safer After Bicyclist was Injured

The California Supreme Court has made a thoroughly considered decision regarding California Civil Code section 846 after a bicyclist sued the United States government in a personal injury lawsuit. The plaintiff Alan Klein was injured in a serious bicycle accident in Southern California in 2004. He was riding through Angeles National Forest when a volunteer for the park hit him with his vehicle, causing Klein catastrophic, life-altering injuries. He suffered broken ribs, a severed ear, a collapsed lung, a brain injury and an injury that lost him the use of his left arm. Because of his injuries, Klein had to retire from…
-Posted On July 7, 2010 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Motorcyclist Killed After Colliding With Car in West Oakland

The Contra Costa times reported that a motorcyclist was killed in a crash in West Oakland last Sunday after colliding with a car. Apparently, at approximately 3:45 p.m., a 40-year-old San Francisco man was driving a Suzuki motorcycle westbound on West Grand Avenue at the intersection with Magnolia Street, when a 31-year-old Berkeley man driving a Mercedes-Benz sedan in the opposite direction made a left turn in front of the bike and the car crashed into the bike. The collision threw the motorcyclist onto the pavement, where he was critically injured.  The driver stopped and called 911, but the…
-Posted On June 28, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

Parents of Teen Killed On Bike Sue City of Waterford, County, State

I read last week in the Sacramento Bee about a 16-year-old Waterford girl killed while riding a bicycle. Her parents have filed claims against the city of Waterford, Stanislaus County and the state of California. As a San Francisco personal injury lawyer, I often have to acknowledge death as the tragic result of someone’s negligence. As a parent, however, I can only imagine how I would cope with the worst tragedy that can befall any parent–the death of a child.  The child in this case, 16 year-old Ashley Henderson, died after she was struck by a pickup truck on February 12 while…
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