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-Posted On December 23, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

Berkeley Has Most Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Just yesterday I wrote that San Francisco, what most people consider a walker’s paradise, is one of the most dangerous pedestrian cities in California. Today I have even more upsetting news. Berkeley, where green transportation by bike and on foot is considered a way of life, is also one of the most dangerous cities in California for pedestrians and bicyclists, according to the Oakland Tribune. In fact, for its size, it is the most dangerous city in California, according to the Office of Traffic Safety. Consider this: Berkeley has the highest rate of pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities…
-Posted On December 21, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents,Pedestrian Accident-

San Francisco Acknowledges Too Many Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that, on average, 22 pedestrians are killed each year in San Francisco and 800 are injured? That means more than two walkers are hurt every day on city streets and 2 pedestrians killed each month. Shockingly, almost half of all traffic deaths in San Francisco are pedestrians, and that is more than four times the national average. What to do? Lowering the speed limit to 15 mph in school zones, investing in injury prediction models (which will show us areas that are dangerous for pedestrians), and upping enforcement efforts in those dangerous areas are good places to…
-Posted On November 24, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Track Coach Severely Injured in Bicycle Accident

The many who love and respect San Francisco State University’s cross country coach describe the educator as someone who is successful at “teaching people to be good people.” It is not only tragic, therefore, but also ironic that the coach was recently injured in a hit-and-run bicycle accident. It sounds like the suspect who hit the avid athlete could use a lesson in being a good person. California authorities are still looking for the felony hit-and-run suspect who crashed into the victim on Sunday morning, Nov. 14. The accident sent the beloved Marin County community member to the hospital with the following…
-Posted On September 23, 2010 In Motorcycle Accidents-

“Black-Tar Snakes” Cause Motorcycle Accidents Nationwide

Those long black lines on roads that seal cracks in the surface mean very little to car drivers, but they can be lethal for motorcyclists and have been known to cause numerous motorcycle accidents. Known as “black-tar snakes,” the lines become slippery if not applied efficiently, especially in wet or hot weather conditions. Whle the following cases are not California cases, black-tar snakes are dangerous all around the country. On September 1st, a Minnesota police official was killed in a motorcycle crash, and it is suspected that the accident was caused by a “black-tar snake.” The intersection at which…
-Posted On September 14, 2010 In Gas Pipe Explosion-

Utilities Commission Orders Survey-PG&E Continues to Deny Responsibility

California’s Public Utilities Commission has ordered PG&E to conduct a leak survey on its natural gas lines, giving priority to higher pressure pipelines, as well as to lines in areas of high population density. As a San Francisco burn injury lawyer, I am still very frustrated with PG&E’s response to this nightmare. I salute the PUC for ordering the survey and really hope that it prevents any chance of a disaster like this from happening again. Meanwhile, four people have died and four remain missing as a result of the gas explosion in San Bruno and dozens of residents…
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