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-Posted On May 2, 2013 In Pedestrian Accident-

Two New Supervisors Promise to Improve San Francisco Bicycle, Pedestrian and MUNI Safety

After being elected into office November 2012, two new Supervisors London Breed and Norman Yee geared up to talk about the importance of San Francisco transportation and pedestrian safety in their neighborhoods. London Breed represents District 5 which is undergoing some major transportation improvements, including bicycle and pedestrian upgrades on “the Wiggle”–one of the City’s most heavily-cycled routes for bicycle commuters in San Francisco’s western neighborhoods, and a favorite place for her to roller skate as a child. MUNI’s busiest line, the N-Judah, will receive improvements as well. I’m a San Francisco attorney, and I represent bicyclists and pedestrians…
-Posted On January 17, 2013 In Pedestrian Accident-

Pedestrian Risks in San Francisco Highlight an Overall Vision

image source: When you first look at this image, what first comes to mind? A result from a computer application, capturing all of the clicks of your mouse? Radar coordinates from a secret operation? Artwork from a child? Would you believe that this image actually depicts a mapping of all of the reported pedestrian accidents in San Francisco between 2005 and 2010? Please note that the entire city and outskirts of San Francisco is represented here–almost every block. It’s chilling to believe that it doesn’t matter where we live in this City: pedestrians are at risk when we walk…
-Posted On December 21, 2012 In Pedestrian Accident-

New Plan to Help Reduce San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents

San Francisco declares itself a pedestrian friendly city. And a great city like San Francisco should have an infrastructure which contributes to pedestrian safety. Pedestrian safety is an integral result of careful civil engineering and traffic engineering. San Francisco has a lot of pedestrians, and sadly, San Francisco has a lot of pedestrian injuries and pedestrian deaths. San Francisco suffered its 18th pedestrian fatality for the year 2012 just recently. In the wake of these 18 pedestrian deaths, Mayor Ed Lee has announced a new San Francisco pedestrian safety plan to help reduce pedestrian accidents. This plan is expected to…
-Posted On August 13, 2012 In Pedestrian Accident-

San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents High Already: Continuing to Rise

Just when we thought that San Francisco has seen enough pedestrian injuries and fatalities, a new study is released indicating that this trend is continuing and unfortunately pedestrian fatalities are on the uprise. I am pleased to report that San Francisco plans to implement new measures to improve pedestrian safety. This effort, however (in part), overshadows the fact that “the number of pedestrians killed this year is on pace to surpass the death toll from each of the two previous years.” It’s a bitter pill to have to swallow; according to the San Francisco Police Department, San Francisco, a…
-Posted On July 5, 2012 In Pedestrian Accident-

Another Pedestrian Hit-and-Run in San Francisco

I feel that it is my duty as a member of the San Francisco Bay Area community to keep the issue of hit-and-run collisions in the news, hoping that the culpable parties can be brought to justice and hoping that, if they are prosecuted, this will be a deterrent to further hit-and-run drivers. As a San Francisco Pedestrian Accident Attorney, I learn of way too many accidents to pedestrians. The most frustrating pedestrian accidents are when the person causing harm flees the scene. I always ask if the injured person may have suffered less harm had the person who…
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