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-Posted On May 20, 2011 In Pedestrian Accident-

Sonoma County Wrongful Death Attorney Sadly Reports Child Fatality from Texting-While-Driving

It is always sad when I read about a fatality caused by a careless driver, and I have devoted my career to making those drivers accountable. When the culprit is simple distracted driving, and when the accident could have so easily been avoided, it’s just so much worse! And it is far more tragic to me when the victim is a little girl. Last December, Calli Murray, age 2, was holding her mother’s hand as they crossed the street together. They were run down by 18-year-old Kaitlyn Dunaway who was driving her car but not paying attention to the road.…
-Posted On February 28, 2011 In Pedestrian Accident-

Pedestrian Attorney Advises To Look For and Avoid Dangerous Conditions of Roadways and Intersections

It took the death last year of a Santa Rosa teen in a West College Avenue crosswalk to prompt movement toward a new signal light at the intersection where she was struck, according to an article today in The Press Democrat. The initial investigation indicates the driver was not speeding, on the phone, or driving under the influence and there are no grounds for criminal charges, police Sgt. Lance Badger said.  But the accident bears a frightening resemblance to the incident just more than one year earlier in which another teen was fatally struck at nearly the same spot,…
-Posted On December 21, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents,Pedestrian Accident-

San Francisco Acknowledges Too Many Pedestrian Accidents

Did you know that, on average, 22 pedestrians are killed each year in San Francisco and 800 are injured? That means more than two walkers are hurt every day on city streets and 2 pedestrians killed each month. Shockingly, almost half of all traffic deaths in San Francisco are pedestrians, and that is more than four times the national average. What to do? Lowering the speed limit to 15 mph in school zones, investing in injury prediction models (which will show us areas that are dangerous for pedestrians), and upping enforcement efforts in those dangerous areas are good places to…
-Posted On June 3, 2010 In Pedestrian Accident-

UPDATE: Google Maps Causes Pedestrian Accident?

On May 26, we posted a story about Google Maps’ addition to their navigation services. Google added a service for bike riders to use when plotting out their bike routes. The service allows pedestrians to choose routes based on safety and athletic difficulty. In a surprising turn of events, this addition to Google Maps that was predicted to increase pedestrian safety is now being accused of putting a California woman at risk when she went out for a walk. The woman claims that the route Google Maps planned for her walk was dangerous and led to her getting hit by…
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