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-Posted On May 20, 2016 In Automobile Accident,Pedestrian Accident-

Could Google’s Crazy Idea Reduce Pedestrian Injuries?

Google was just awarded a patent for an adhesive car front, and this San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney thinks they may be onto something good. A patent granted to Google this past week shows a pedestrian victim of a car crash “glued” to the car after impact, due to an adhesive vehicle front designed to limit pedestrian injuries. The patent describes how a pedestrian would become stuck to the hood and bumper when struck, potentially preventing a secondary blow and further pedestrian injuries to the victim where they may have previously bounced off the car, striking the windshield, roof,…
-Posted On March 4, 2016 In Automobile Accident-

Truck Accident Lawyers and Big Rig Wrecks

Harold and his family were heading out to get a bite to eat at their favorite family restaurant. As they were waiting at a stop light, Harold noticed a moment too late that a big rig was coming up on his backside at an alarming velocity. Before Harold could accelerate his sedan out of harm’s way, the big rig flew past, clipping the back side and sending the car spinning into the other side of the road. The jolt of the impact woke the big rig driver up. While everyone survived the collision, the damage to the vehicle was total…
-Posted On January 5, 2016 In Automobile Accident-

Victims and Mayor Speak Out On San Francisco Tour Bus Crash

In the wake of the terrible tour bus crash in Union Square earlier this month, victims have begun speaking out and even Mayor Lee is beginning to take action. Dr. Manuel Canga, who was on his way to an embassy downtown, simply took a wrong turn into Union Square, finding himself in the wrong place and the wrong time. Canga, who was traveling with his brother, was in a white BMW in Union Square that Friday, the 13th.   Canga describes the accident as a “big bang…like ‘bang!’…and I was like ‘oh my god! what’s happening?!” Canga was reacting to…
-Posted On December 25, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

CHP’s Surprise Inspection of Tour Bus Company In Wake of Union Square Crash

City Sightseeing, the tour bus company involved in a horrific crash in San Francisco’s Union Square is under increased scrutiny by the California Highway Patrol, including a surprise inspection of paperwork, machinery, and bus fleet. A mechanic at the company confirmed that they had received a surprise inspection from the CHP, although the CHP has declined to comment on the investigation. “I cannot confirm that yet. Once we have information I will be happy to share with you. At this point we don’t have any information to share with you” said Daniel Hill of the California Highway Patrol. It is…
-Posted On December 22, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

San Francisco’s “Hot Cop” Pleads Not Guilty in Hit-And-Run

The “Hot Cop of the Castro” is in hot water after being identified as the driver in a felony hit-and-run recently. Christopher Kohrs, or the “Hot Cop” as he is known around the city, appeared in court for the first time since being charged with two counts of felony hit-and-run, and has pleaded not guilty.   “All I can say is everyone that was injured in the incident, I wish them all the best” said Kohrs outside of the courtroom this past Wednesday morning.   Kohrs allegedly struck two individuals last weekend, while they were crossing a street in…
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