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-Posted On November 25, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

Sonoma County Fatal Truck Collision Near Sears Point

Sonoma County’s Highway 37 has struck again! The most recent in a long list of Sonoma truck accident fatalities: a big-rig truck driver has been killed in a multi-car and truck crash this past Wednesday afternoon on Highway 37. According to the California Highway Patrol, the deadly collision involved two big-rigs and at least five other vehicles that were traveling eastbound on the highway, near Lakeville Highway, causing a massive block of the eastbound lanes. CHP identified the driver as Eric Dante Alexander, of Tulare. According to the CHP, Mr. Alexander was behind the wheel of a 2012…
-Posted On November 21, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

Speed Cameras – Coming To A Road Near You

Speed Cameras. They’re like redlight cameras for your gas pedal. Speed cameras use laser sensors to track a car’s speed and issue tickets in much the same way redlight cameras issue tickets for violators. Installed in various big cities around the country, speed cameras are thought to be the next wave in road safety, and they’re coming to California.   Currently they’re illegal, but that may not always be the case. Speed cameras are gaining more and more advocates by the day, and they’re aimed at tackling the number 1 killer on our streets, which is excessive driver speed.  …
-Posted On November 20, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

Caught in a Wreck? Car Accident Lawyers are Here to Help

Car accident lawyers are crucial when it comes to filing for compensation following car accidents. While it is possible to take on these types of cases for recovery from losses alone, it is a much wiser decision to enlist the skills of an experienced auto accident lawyer. It is best to hire one who can help gather all of the key information in a way that can be best presented to earn you maximum compensation. Auto accident lawyers assist the victims of all types of car accidents, such as dangerous roadway accidents, auto vs. motorcycle, bus accidents, and uninsured or…
-Posted On October 18, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

One Killed, One Injured in Highway 101 Crash

Officials are investigating the death of a 37 year old San Francisco man, who was killed in a collision on Highway 101 last week, possibly due to falling asleep at the wheel. The crash, which occurred near Mill Valley early Saturday morning, involved only one car, which drifted off the roadway, crashing into a tree and bursting into flames, according to Patrick Roth, spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol. The driver, behind the wheel of a blue 2014 Subaru WRX STI, was pronounced dead at the scene. The passenger, a 30 year old man also from San Francisco, was…
-Posted On October 12, 2015 In Automobile Accident-

Pedal Error? Lessons Learned From A Livermore Gym Crash

Pedal error, or, confusing the brake from the gas, or the clutch, is more common than you may think. And for our elderly citizens, the risk is even greater. In fact, earlier this month a woman in Livermore lost her life due to pedal error when an 80 year old driver slammed into a gym one Tuesday afternoon.   Studies show that pedal error accounts for thousands of accidents across the country each year, with many of those accidents leading to injury, or even death. Luckily, help may be on the way.   This past month the National Highway…
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