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-Posted On June 21, 2012 In Muni Accident-

San Francisco Paying Millions For Preventable Personal Injuries and Other Torts

It’s common knowledge that cities and counties across the San Francisco Bay Area are struggling to make their budgets. It’s also a fact, however, that millions of dollars are leaving city reserves each year because of legal payouts. Some examples are as follows: It costs an average of $23,000 when a piece of city property falls on someone. It costs an average of $10,000 when roots from city-owned trees grew in the sewer lines. It costs an average of $1,900 when a city vehicle hit a car. image of San Francisco by simeon schatz In less than five years,…
-Posted On December 27, 2011 In Muni Accident-

Another San Francisco MUNI Bus Pedestrian Death

With sympathy, and frustration I report another San Francisco MUNI vs. pedestrian fatality which occurred last month. The MUNI death happened on Mission St. between 5th and 6th Streets on Sunday, November 13, 2011. Over a month later, this injury news is still important, and should not be hidden and ignored. Failing to pay attention while driving or driving recklessly can and often does lead to serious personal injuries or even deaths.  It is essential that the details and facts surrounding these types of MUNI accidents be uncovered, with hopes of learning from past mistakes.  Changing unreasonable conduct by MUNI…
-Posted On April 23, 2011 In Muni Accident-

MUNI Accident Attorney Reports New MUNI Crash Comes As Agency Defends Safety Record

Soon after I reported that MUNI has been accused of negligence, another MUNI crash occurred. A MUNI vehicle was struck by another, injuring 6 people according to the San Francisco Fire Department, in an incident that highlights the rancorous debate happening right now at the state level concerning the city’s transport safety. The California Public Utilities Commission is weighing a decision to penalize San Francisco’s Metropolitan Transit Agency for alleged violations of key safety regulations on its light-rail system, including defective tracks and a malfunctioning automatic train control system. I have been saying for years that MUNI has ongoing…
-Posted On March 18, 2011 In Muni Accident-

San Francisco MUNI Found Negligent In Fixing Problems Relating to Safety

As a MUNI Accident Attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area, I have been saying for years that MUNI has ongoing safety issues.  I’d like to report that someone, who is not a lawyer fighting against MUNI, agrees. Maybe soon, MUNI will be safer for riders and other users of San Francisco streets. It is finally official!  MUNI has been negligent in responding to pervasive safety problems, and could face fines of $20,000 a day, according to a state regulator that Thursday opened an investigation of the transit agency. Muni says it’s being railroaded, claiming to have been…
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