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-Posted On June 5, 2017 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Fatal Crash Between Motorcycle And Truck Blocks Marin’s Shoreline Highway

A Marin County motorcycle accident between a bike and a septic truck in Bolinas proved fatal earlier last month, according to California Highway Patrol. Reported late in the morning around 10:30am on state Highway 1 near Olema Bolina Road, emergency crews first on the scene noted that “the motorcyclist received immediate medical attention but was pronounced deceased on the scene a short time later.”My heart goes out to the family of this fallen biker. How quickly a wonderfully fun ride can turn tragic! Although the investigation remains open, Marin-Area CHP Spokesman Andrew Barclay did note that: “… Our preliminary investigation…

Fatal Sonoma County Scooter Crash On Highway 101 Caused By Hit and Run Truck Who Hit Pole

The California Highway Patrol are on the lookout for the driver of a red and white Freightliner truck because the truck driver struck a pole on Highway 101, in Sonoma County, causing a fatal scooter accident when a scooter rider could not avoid the fallen pole. Pamela A Warren, a Santa Rosa resident, was thrown from her scooter and struck by a vehicle heading northbound on US Highway 101 after she struck a light pole that was knocked down across two lanes of traffic just north of River Road by a big-rig truck. The big-rig, a red and white Freightliner…
-Posted On January 22, 2016 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in the Bay Area and Beyond

Amateur motorcycle enthusiasts from around the country convene in the Bay Area. Driving up and down the hills of the city, to catch scenic glimpses of the historic buildings, bridges, and communities that have made this part of the world appealing to so many. On the outskirts of the city and beyond, to the Sierras and the Central Valley, motorcyclists also relish in the scenery and the open-air feeling of the road. You can’t blame them for choosing these locations to put their face in the wind and ride. However, motorcycle accidents do happen, and the results can be life-altering.…
-Posted On December 1, 2015 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Chain Reaction Between Two Big Rigs, a Car and a Motorcyclist Causes Highway 680 Motorcycle Death

As a motorcycle accident attorney, it is always painful to hear of yet another fatality due to driver negligence, but unfortunately, these motorcycle fatalities are all too common in the Bay Area.   Early last Monday, at around 4:40am, reports came rolling in about a crash on Highway 680, just south of Bollinger Canyon Road, involving a motorcyclist, a car, and two big rigs.This got my attention, since this motorcycle crash involved facts that were new and extra chilling.   According CHP Officers, the chain reaction collision began when a Honda rear-ended a big-rig, causing it to spin around and…
-Posted On October 27, 2015 In Motorcycle Accidents,Motorcycle Community-

Motorcyclist Killed in I-80 Crash Was Victim of Hit and Run

The 45-year-old Vallejo motorcyclist killed earlier this month on Highway 80 near Hercules has been identified by the Contra Costa County Coroner’s office as Paris Williams. Williams, who was involved in a motorcycle-car collision just east of Willow Avenue, died immediately following his impact with the back of a gray BMW X3. Was Paris killed when he struck the rear of the BMW SUV? The evidence so far says no. Paris actually survived the crash with the BMW. Although we still don’t know exactly what caused Williams’ initial impact with the BMW X3, the police believe that Williams had initially…
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