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Manteca Driver Charged in Fatal Car vs. Bike Crash

A Manteca woman has been charged in connection with a collision that killed a cyclist, according to an official announcement by the County of Contra Costa District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney’s office charged Ms. Alyssa Densmore, a 26-year-old driver from Manteca, with one count of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for a crash that killed a Danville bicycle rider last May. According to police, Ms. Densmore was driving North on Crow Canyon Road on May 5th when she collided with Mr.George Kaufer, a 55-year-old cyclist, who died from his injuries shortly after the crash. Although no further details about the…
-Posted On June 14, 2012 In Bicycle Injuries-

Mill Valley’s Worst Intersections for Bicycle Accidents

As an avid cyclist and as a parent residing in Mill Valley, CA, I’m particularly interested in learning the most dangerous intersections in my bicycle-friendly town. Mill Valley is very bicycle-oriented and I like to claim that Mill Valley is the birthplace of mountain biking. Mill Valley residents are, of course, familiar with bicycling groups zooming by on Saturday mornings, sometimes before 8:00 a.m. through our town, and finishing their rides in The Depot square. The mountain bikers tend to congregate on Mt. Tamalpais–all of its trails–at all hours of the day, trying to share the trail with often angry…
-Posted On November 7, 2011 In Bicycle Injuries-

San Francisco Bicycle Messengers

I’ve previously written about bicycle safety tips to help my fellow cyclists by promoting what I think are some of the safest cycling habits.  Cycling is supposed to be about fun, healthy exercise and it should also help us to relate well to the environment.   Safe bicycling habits will help to prevent bicycle accidents, particularly bicycle collisions with cars, and thereby bicycle injuries. As a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney, my experience has taught me that some of the most common threats are found where you might least expect them, so following these simple precautions may help you avoid…
-Posted On April 27, 2011 In Bicycle Injuries-

San Francisco Bike Attorney Notifies of Proposed Golden Gate Bridge 10-mph Speed Limit for Bicycles

The Golden Gate Bridge staff wants to impose a 10 mph speed limit on bicyclists – with a $100 fine for violators – following a year-long study by Alta Planning & Design that excluded input from local cycling groups. The speed limit would drop to 5 mph around the blind corners of the bridge’s towers and in construction areas.  There currently is no speed limit for bicycles on the bridge. The plan is intended to reduce bike-related collisions. With up to 6,000 cyclists using the bridge on busy days, the study says speed was cited as a factor in 64…
-Posted On June 3, 2010 In Bicycle Injuries-

Road Rage Rampage Directed at Bicyclists? Driver Hits Several Bicycle Riders in San Francisco

I often end up reporting in this column about bicycle accidents, but what I am writing about today was no bicycle accident! This was an attack on bicycle riders! As an avid bicyclist myself and a San Francisco bike injury lawyer, I am outraged by the story that developed late Wednesday night in the Mission and Potrero Districts. Three San Francisco cyclists wereapparently targeted by a driver in some sort of road rage episode. According to witnesses, the driver intentionally hit four bicyclists as they rode on the public street. Three bicyclists suffered serious personal injuries including broken bones,…
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