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-Posted On October 17, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Repainting Green Bike Lanes

In December 2009, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) painted the city’s bike lanes green in an effort to make them more visible to motorists. However, by July 2011, SFMTA needed to repaint the lanes after a series of bicycle accidents demonstrated that the lanes were far too dangerous for bicyclists. Many bicyclists complained that the paint was too slippery, making it difficult to stop – especially in the rain. A police officer on a motorcycle even had an accident because of the slick paint on the roadway. The SFMTA repainted the lanes in the same color, but used…
-Posted On October 3, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

Following California’s Bike Laws Will Help Keep You Safe

Thousands of bicycle accidents occur each year in California, resulting in serious injuries and even death. To help avoid dangerous crashes, bicyclists should be familiar with and follow California’s bicycle laws, just as drivers should be aware of bicyclists and their rights. Several provisions of the California Vehicle Code govern bicycle operation and equipment in the state, including these key rules: Bicyclists have the same rights and obligations as drivers; all laws that apply to motor-vehicle drivers also apply to bicyclists, and drivers must share the road. Bicyclists may not ride on a street or highway under the influence of…
-Posted On September 19, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Cyclists Injured in Hit-and-Run

On the night of June 2, 2010, David Mark Clark was driving his Nissan Rogue sport utility vehicle through Potrero Hill when he encountered four bicyclists. As he drove, Clark hit each of the four cyclists with his vehicle. The four cyclists survived, but suffered serious injuries, including broken legs, bruised organs, lost teeth and a broken jaw. Clark’s arraignment was initially scheduled for August, but was postponed until September 22. The Albany, California, man faces several charges, including four counts of attempted murder. This case brings to light the serious public safety issues that surround motor vehicles and bicycles.…
-Posted On September 3, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

“Moth Effect” Study Suggests That Some Bicycle Lights Increase the Risk of Nighttime Bicycle Accidents

Cyclists who ride at night need to have lights on their bicycles in order to be safe.  Lights are essentially divided into two categories: “to see” and “be seen.”  Of course “to see” lights are those that provide a steady beam to light up the road or trail in front of you, the cyclist.  The “be seen” lights are the issue here. Many people use blinking lights in order to be seen by traffic at night.  However, there is this interesting phenomena called the “Moth Effect” which suggests that these blinkies could be unsafe. What is the “Moth Effect”? …
-Posted On August 23, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

Trial Ordered for San Francisco Bicycle Hit-and-Run Driver

Over a year later, a trial has finally been ordered for the hit-and-run rampage by David Mark Clark of Albany who said he heard voices inside his head who seduced him into mowing down four bicyclists, almost killing at least one, my client Rolando Casajeros.  The attacks began on Harrison Street near 23rd Street. Throughout the mile-long rampage, Clark’s SUV swerved several times to intentionally hit the cyclists before he crashed into a light post and fled on foot. Clark said, “I was forced psychologically to drive around. And I couldn’t stop.” It was a long six minutes for the…
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