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-Posted On February 19, 2013 In Bicycle Accidents-

Napa Doctors Concerned About Bicycle Accident Rate

Napa doctors have expressed concern about the rise in Napa County bicycle accident injuries and deaths. As a Bay Area cyclist, I love to ride in the Wine Country. You can find great roads, great hills if you want them and great long level rides if that suits you. But, like many rural areas, Napa has its share of danger for bicycle riders as well. With the exponential increase in popularity of the Wine Country comes more traffic congestion. And let’s not forget the tourists who frequent the Wine Country to sample the fantastic wines available. They may not all…
-Posted On February 10, 2013 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Tries Photo Enforcement for Dangerous Intersection

It would appear that the corner of Octavia and Market has become my favorite intersection to write about in San Francisco. Why? Because it is the City’s most dangerous intersection, at least for bicyclists. I am happy to finally report that a red light camera will be installed at Octavia and Market soon, which will hopefully decrease bicycle and pedestrian injuries. It comes as no surprise that the City has been under pressure to improve the safety of this heavily frequented location, which, since its redesign in 2005, has been the site of over 56 bicycle-automobile crashes with injuries.…
-Posted On January 10, 2013 In Bicycle Accidents-

Why Are There So Many Bicycle Accidents at Octavia and Market?

Otherwise known as The Intersection from Biking Hell, too many bike accidents at Market Street and Octavia Blvd have given this dangerous San Francisco intersection its name. I’ve written about this intersection before and now this intersection has reached its third year as the top dangerous intersection for bicycle wrecks in San Francisco. Since the boulevard opened in 2005, there have been 56 crashes with injuries at Octavia and Market. Four of the bicycle accidents on Octavia have been fatal accidents, according to the California Highway Patrol and news reports. Octavia Blvd: The City had good intentions. The area…
-Posted On October 27, 2012 In Bicycle Accidents-

Wild Turkeys Cause Serious Bicycle Accident

I have heard that too much Wild Turkey is a dangerous thing, but it’s not every day that wild turkeys make the news for creating a roadway hazard. Unfortunately on Saturday, October 20, 2012 a 51-year-old bicyclist from Benicia had an almost deadly turkey encounter. This bicyclist was injured when a brood of wild turkeys ran into his path. I do not mean to make light of this gentleman’s injuries and I wish him the very speediest and most complete recovery. The bicyclist suffered serious injuries–broken jaw, broken ribs and head trauma (although he was wearing a bike helmet). The…
-Posted On October 13, 2012 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Video

Michael J. Swanson interviews top trial lawyer, Claude Wyle, on bicycle safety. Swanson:  We’ve be talking about bicycle safety. What would you do to encourage more bicycling? Wyle:  I don’t think that we’re going to get more cyclists commuting and using bicycles as a means of transportation unless we make it safer. Safety has to be the invitation to do more cycling, because if you think it’s dangerous then you might as well take a car. One of our goals is one less car. We are very strongly in favor of the environment and we like to reduce traffic…
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