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-Posted On March 7, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Warns of Dangerous Intersection at Market & Octavia

Market Street and Octavia Boulevard is the Joan Rivers of San Francisco intersections, says an article in The Bay Citizen Bike Accident Tracker. No matter how much work is done on it, this dangerous bicycle intersection is still a wreck and is causing bicycle accidents in San Francisco. The intersection was the site of the most bike accidents over the past two years.  The primary cause is cars making illegal right turns from Market Street onto the Octavia freeway onramp, while cyclists are cruising along together down the side of Market Street in the bike lane. Much attention has been…
-Posted On February 23, 2011 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Installing New Bike Lanes–To Reduce Bicycle Accidents

Up until very recently, the message seemed to be, “commute by bicycle at your own risk!”  More people bike in San Francisco every year.  The statistics have grown 60% since 2006 according to a previously published article in the Bay Citizen. Finally, San Francisco is installing new bike lanes after winning a four-year legal battle.  Innovations like separated lanes on San Francisco’s Market Street aim to make bicycle commutes less dangerous. Despite all of the accidents, many bikers and drivers disagree over whose behavior needs to change most. As a San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney I am a strong
-Posted On December 26, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

San Francisco Bicycle Attorney to Lead New Bicycle Litigation Group

I am proud to announce that the Consumer Attorneys of California (CAOC) recently granted approval for me to form and chair a new bicycle litigation group within CAOC.  Consumer Attorneys of California is comprised of more than 3,000 attorneys who represent plaintiffs and consumers seeking recovery in a variety of civil cases related to issues such as:  bicycle accidents; motor vehicle accidents; pedestrian accidents; wrongful death; defective products and drugs; job-related injuries; dangerous premises; civil rights violations; wrongful acts of financial institutions and insurance companies; and medical malpractice. These types of cases frequently place individual plaintiffs up against large companies who…
-Posted On December 24, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

Google Maps for Bicycles Should Reduce Bicycle Accidents in San Francisco

Google Maps has offered routes specifically for bikes since the beginning of 2010.  In the age of riding your bicycle with your iPhone in your back pocket with easy accessibility to Google Maps, cyclists can plot out the best route for their rides, including the topography and traffic conditions.  San Francisco is one of the first cities on these maps!  As stated in the 24-7 press release, cycling advocates, many of whom had been petitioning Google for years to add this feature, were ecstatic. As reported by Mary Catherine O’Connor at, Andy Clarke, president of the League…
-Posted On December 23, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

Berkeley Has Most Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents

Just yesterday I wrote that San Francisco, what most people consider a walker’s paradise, is one of the most dangerous pedestrian cities in California. Today I have even more upsetting news. Berkeley, where green transportation by bike and on foot is considered a way of life, is also one of the most dangerous cities in California for pedestrians and bicyclists, according to the Oakland Tribune. In fact, for its size, it is the most dangerous city in California, according to the Office of Traffic Safety. Consider this: Berkeley has the highest rate of pedestrian and bicycle injuries and fatalities…
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