MUNI Accidents in San Francisco

posted in MUNI Accidents, by dcmmoguls, on August 10, 2018

MUNI refers to the San Francisco Municipal Transit Authority. The importance of the transport system to the city can hardly be questioned. This is considering the number of jobs it has created and the facilitation it provides for the movement of the city’s residents. Despite its significance, there have been a considerable number of accidents involving passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, and people operating vehicles.

The Scope of the Situation in San Francisco

The reports of accidents at the MUNI station include the 2014 incidents in which two accidents happened between minutes of each other. In the accidents, 40 people were injured, 20 of whom required treatment from the hospital.

Some accidents have also been fatal. However, this should not discourage users from using the MUNI system. Users should be informed that while enjoying a public facility such as the MUNI, they have a right to file claims whenever their right to safety is infringed upon.

Seeking Advice in San Francisco

Pursuing claims against MUNI as a government entity comes with the rule that the claim must be filed within six months following the date of an incident. By failing to file a government claim as a victim and instead only filing a lawsuit, an individual can risk having the lawsuit dismissed. It is a rule that the initial step should be to file a government claim.

After the six months period comes to an end, relief is provided by the California Government Code in certain circumstances. Experienced accident lawyers should provide assistance to file the application for the presentation of a Late Claim. The victim can pursue this up to one year following the date of the accident, when sufficient proof is provided on the occurrence of specific events. The courts can also be petitioned for relief from the requirement to file a claim under some given circumstances.

It is difficult to pursue public entities for claims. As an individual filing the claim, one should act quickly. One should seek the advice of lawyers experienced in accident claims. Choulos, Choulos, and Wyle have a wealth of experience in dealing with such cases. Our offices can be reached via our toll-free contact at 877-702-7800.