San Francisco Intersections, A Danger to Bicyclists and Pedestrians

-Posted On August 29, 2007 In Dangerous Intersections-

It is no secret that San Francisco maintains some of California’s most dangerous intersections for bicyclists and pedestrians. Masonic-Fell and Market-Octavia are two of the most notorious for bicycle accidents. These intersections pose a particular problem to cyclists and pedestrians because cars are forced to turn without dedicated lanes or signals. Numerous deaths and serious injuries have occurred at dangerous San Francisco intersections, and now Supervisor Ross Mirkarimi is working to resolve this ongoing problem. Until these intersections are made safe, injured bicyclists and pedestrians will need bicycle accident and pedestrian accident attorneys.

Mirkarimi is asking the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to study the most dangerous intersections in San Francisco and for re-engineering, to reduce auto versus pedestrian/cyclist accidents. Some may argue that the sharing of city streets by cars, pedestrians and cyclists will always pose a risk of serious injury, however motorists need to learn how to Share The Road, and the City needs to make the road safe. For more, please see an interesting blog

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