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Bikes v. Pedestrians, the Debate, and Your Thoughts?

As my clients know, I’m not just a bicycle advocate, and not just a pedestrian advocate, I am a safety advocate. And when we’re navigating the busy (and sometimesdangerous) streets of San Francisco, safety is much more important than whether we are walking, pedaling, or driving. I’m of the opinion that everyone needs to do their part to avoid collisions, avoid personal injuries,  and generally keep one another safe and secure. In our community, we have rules for good reason, and we should all be following them.   Unsafe cyclists have been a recent target in the news, with many…

Manteca Driver Charged in Fatal Car vs. Bike Crash

A Manteca woman has been charged in connection with a collision that killed a cyclist, according to an official announcement by the County of Contra Costa District Attorney’s office. The District Attorney’s office charged Ms. Alyssa Densmore, a 26-year-old driver from Manteca, with one count of misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter for a crash that killed a Danville bicycle rider last May. According to police, Ms. Densmore was driving North on Crow Canyon Road on May 5th when she collided with Mr.George Kaufer, a 55-year-old cyclist, who died from his injuries shortly after the crash. Although no further details about the…
-Posted On September 23, 2014 In Bicycle Community-

Bicycling in the Wrong Direction (Salmoning) is not Safe Cycling

Salmon swim upstream and are symbolic for their tenacity and instinctual urge to fight against the current. Salmon must swim upstream in order to breed. Some bicyclists, on the other hand, are getting labeled “salmon” lately. And it’s not because they are breeding or following their instincts. Some cyclists are riding in bicycle paths, however they are riding in the opposite direction of traffic. Are upstream riding cyclists being lazy?Or are they trying to get attention? Does it still feel safer to ride in a bicycle lane, even though it’s on the wrong side of the street? I’m not sure…
-Posted On April 25, 2013 In Bicycle Community-

San Francisco’s Market Street Hazardous to Bicyclists: When Will Bicycle Safety Improve?

I join the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition (SFBC) in their hard-fought attempt to increase the awareness of Mayor Lee and those responsible for the safety of our San Francisco streets about the urgent need for better bicycle safety on Market Street. San Francisco is already a bicycle-friendly city but sadly, our City also has a high bicycle accident rate. The SFBC has been great about loudly and steadfastly fighting for the rights of cyclists in San Francisco, especially since it was recently announced that there will be further delays on the Better Market Street project on this premier bike corridor.…
-Posted On November 17, 2012 In Bicycle Community-

San Francisco One of the Top Bicycle-Friendly Cities in Nation

As a bicycle enthusiast, and an attorney representing bicyclists, I am always happy to read about cities supporting cycling around the country, and across the world. I enjoy citing examples of how other communities try to increase bicycle safety and decrease bicycle accidents. Bicycle commuting to work is not only good for the cyclist but also good for the community. National Bike Month spreads knowledge and incentive to potential bike commuters. Hundreds of U.S. cities have been successful in increasing bicycle commuting by offering enticements on Bike-to-Work Day. Proudly, San Francisco is one of the top bicycle-friendly cities. As a…
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