Bus Accidents in San Francisco

posted in Bus Accidents, by dcmmoguls, on July 20, 2018

Accidents involving buses are not rare in San Francisco and the larger Bay Area, despite the significant decline due to the introduction of DriveCam systems of surveillance in the entire fleet of MUNI buses. This is one of the many interventions implemented to address a prevalent problem in the city.

Scope of Bus Accidents

It is a natural expectation that everyone aboard a bus in San Francisco expects to have a safe ride to their destination. But this does not guarantee that each trip will be safe. In some cases, buses get involved in accidents with other vehicles, cyclists, and pedestrians. For instance, 4 people sustained critical injuries in a 2015 bus accident. Personal injury, loss, or damages to property, and even death could result from accidents. This could be a result of human error or negligence on the part of the drivers involved.

Regardless of the cause of bus accidents, the victims have a right to get representation from experienced accident attorneys. Choulos, Choulos, and Wyle are a very experienced team of lawyers providing representation for cyclists, pedestrians, and other motorists who get involved in accidents as a result of the negligence of the various parties handling the San Francisco bus transport system.


Our team has an unwavering dedication to ensure that victims of bus accidents in the city get enough compensation for their injuries incurred from the negligence of the public transportation stakeholders.

Such negligence includes but is not limited to unsafe speeds, disregard for the right way of pedestrians, improper turning, head-on-collisions, and violation of the right of way of other motorists among other culpable offenses.

Our firm advises victims to take quick action following bus accidents. For cases involving the MUNI buses, we recommend that victims write a personal injury claim to the government. They should then submit this claim within six months following the date of the accident. CCW lawyers have a sound understanding of the complex nature of filing a claim against a public entity. Reach us through our toll-free line 877-702-7800 or through our website.