Back and Neck Injuries in San Francisco

posted in Back and Neck Injuries, by dcmmoguls, on August 31, 2018

Injuries to the neck and back can result from car accidents. This is especially prevalent in San Francisco given that the city has many pedestrians and people using bicycles and motorcycles. As a result, most accidents happen to such road users who fall victim to reckless vehicle drivers. This causes severe injuries that affect the daily lives of many residents of the city.

Neck and back injuries can be attributed to whiplash. This is the jerking motion that occurs when a moving vehicle slams into someone. The resultant force of inertia causes vigorous movement that seatbelts or other objects in or outside the vehicle try to stop such movement. This results in a lot of pressure being exerted to the back and the neck.

The Scope of Injuries in San Francisco

Back pain is classified as discogenic pain and is linked to spinal discs that make up the spine. Damages to these discs could result in excruciating pain. This is because of the gradual deterioration of the spinal discs following an accident. Discogenic is caused by lumbar sprains, spinal stenosis, disc herniation, and other degenerative disorders of the spine.

Accidents could also result in facet injuries. These are especially very painful given the high concentration of nerves endings in the facets. Facet injuries are characterized by spasms in the back muscles when doing simple tasks.

Response to Injuries in San Francisco

It is important that anyone who suffers a neck and back injury following an accident to seek immediate medical attention. This is because these injuries tend to progress in severity with time. One should get medical attention in the shortest time possible to help strengthen the damages claims against the reckless driver.

Also, it is important that victims of such injuries following accidents seek the counsel of an experienced injury attorney. This is because attorneys have a good understanding of how to interpret medical records and work well with medical care providers to ensure that your rights are protected. When involved in accidents that result in neck and back injuries, consult Choulos, Choulos, and Wyle attorneys for help on serious injuries via their toll-free number at 877-702-7800.