How Helmet Cam Footage Can Help Your Motorcycle Accident Case

-Posted On February 14, 2022 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Helmet cameras are increasing in popularity among cyclists and motorcycle riders. These popular devices capture footage of motorcycle rides on the go, which is often used to make videos and other types of social media content.

However, motorcyclists can use helmet cam footage for another important purpose: evidence for a motorcycle accident claim. When you are injured in an accident, video from a helmet camera can help prove your right to compensation in an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Proving a Motorcycle Accident Claim in California

Like many states, California follows a fault-based system when it comes to car accidents. Drivers who cause accidents are financially liable for the damages of any victims, including motorcyclists.

If you are injured while riding a motorcycle, you can pursue a motorcycle accident claim as long as someone else caused your accident. To secure compensation, you will need to prove the following four facts.

  • The at-fault driver owed you a duty of care. All motorists have a duty to follow the law and drive safely.
  • The at-fault driver breached his or her duty of care. For example, running a red light or failing to yield the right of way is a breach of duty.
  • The at-fault driver’s breach of duty caused your accident.
  • You sustained damages in the accident that you can recover in your claim, such as medical expenses.

How Helmet Camera Footage Can Support Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Proving a motorcycle accident claim can be very complex. Motorcyclists often face unfair scrutiny and stereotyping during the insurance and litigation processes and are often assumed to be at fault for a collision. In cases where fault is unclear, you will need strong evidence to prove the other driver’s liability.

This is where helmet cam footage can help. These devices capture the moments leading up to, during, and immediately after the accident in real time. You can leverage this footage to establish important facts about your case. In complex cases, your attorney and expert witnesses can carefully analyze the footage to identify who was at fault and prove the at-fault party’s breach of duty.

Helmet camera footage can also prove that the breach of duty caused your accident and resulting injuries. Without video footage, you may need to rely on medical records, witness testimony, and police reports to prove this fact. While these pieces of evidence are valuable, footage of the event can be even more powerful because it is so difficult to refute.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident while riding on California roads, there are certain steps that you can take to protect yourself and your right to compensation. Investing in a helmet camera is a strong advantage, as you can use the footage to support your future case.

In the moments after the collision, call 911 and report the accident to the police. Seek emergency medical care and save all documentation related to your injuries. If you are able, take additional photos and videos at the scene, and ask any witnesses in the area for their contact details.

After you receive the medical care that you need, contact a San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer. An attorney can represent your case against the at-fault driver and fight for your right to compensation. Speak to a lawyer as soon as possible following the collision to discuss your legal options.

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