The Top Five Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in San Francisco

-Posted On April 28, 2021 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Motorcycle accidents are unfortunately common in San Francisco, leading to serious long-term injuries and fatalities. According to the local government database TransBASE, four people died and 212 people suffered injuries in San Francisco motorcycle accidents in 2020.

Many factors can contribute to these collisions, from dangerous road conditions to inclement weather. However, negligent driving behaviors remain among the most common causes.

#1: Speeding

According to TransBASE, 51 out of the 216 motorcycle accidents that occurred in San Francisco during 2020 involved speeding. Drivers and motorcyclists alike have a responsibility to adhere to all traffic laws—including the speed limit. Driving over the speed limit, especially in dangerous conditions like rainy weather, can increase the chances of collision.

Out of the speeding-related motorcycle accidents in San Francisco, all collisions resulted in an injury. Two victims suffered fatal injuries while eight victims suffered severe injuries. In addition, 20 victims had visible injuries and 21 victims complained of pain after the crash.

#2: Unsafe Turn or Lane Change

The second-most common cause of San Francisco motorcycle accidents involves unsafe lane changes or turns. Drivers have a responsibility to ensure that their path is clear before changing lanes or making a turn and must yield the right of way when necessary.

According to TransBASE data, 31 collisions involving motorcycles occurred due to an unsafe lane change or prohibited turn. While none of these accidents were fatal, all of these collisions resulted in injuries. Two victims suffered severe injuries, 12 victims had visible injuries, and 17 experienced pain after the collision.

#3: Failure to Stop at a Red Light

When approaching a red light or stop sign, drivers and motorcyclists must come to a complete stop. If these parties fail to stop, collisions can occur in the intersection—leading to severe injuries. During 2020, 21 motorcycle accidents in San Francisco involved a driver or cyclist’s failure to stop at a red light.

One of these accidents resulted in a fatality, while 20 resulted in injuries. Six victims suffered pain after their collisions, while nine victims sustained visible damage. Five accident victims sustained severe injuries.

#4: Violation of the Right of Way

Right-of-way rules prevent collisions, especially at intersections where a driver or cyclist is turning onto another street. Unfortunately, not all drivers adhere to these traffic laws. According to TransBASE data, 21 motorcycle accidents occurred due to a driver’s failure to yield the right of way while making a left turn. Four victims sustained a severe injury, while four others experienced a visible injury. 13 victims left the accident in pain.

#5: Tailgating

When driving, it is important to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you. If a driver is too close to the back of a motorcycle, he or she can easily collide into the vehicle if the motorcyclist has to make a sudden stop.

Unfortunately, not all drivers maintain this distance—and during 2020, 13 motorcycle accidents in San Francisco occurred due to tailgating. Two victims suffered severe injuries while five sustained visible damage. Additionally, six victims left the accident scene complaining of pain.

What to Do After a San Francisco Motorcycle Accident

If you are in a motorcycle accident in San Francisco, it is important to remain calm, seek treatment, and speak to an attorney. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your collision, you may have grounds to file a lawsuit or insurance claim against the at-fault driver. Contact a San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

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