Are You a Victim of a MUNI Accident?

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Transporting thousands of people in the Bay Area on a daily basis via bus, cable car, train, or other public means is the enormous task of the transportation agency. The Municipal Railway, known as MUNI, is responsible for the safety of each and every person they transport.

Traveling on public transportation has risks. MUNI accidents can occur to riders, drivers of other vehicles, pedestrians, even cyclists. One of the primary causes is buses pulling in and out of traffic.

In fact, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Authority (SFMTA) reported that Muni’s collision rate increased to its highest level in the fiscal year 2014-15.

Not all MUNI accidents are the fault of the operators or the agency, but many are. Just a few examples of how injuries involving a city transportation method may require a MUNI Accident Lawyer:

  • A car or motorcycle is hit by a MUNI bus
  • A MUNI bus runs into a pedestrian or bicycle
  • A breakaway cable car or other transport vehicle operated by MUNI causes injury

If a MUNI employee’s negligence causes serious injury or wrongful death, they must be held accountable.

Cable Cars: Charming but Dangerous

Cable car accidents are somewhat unique to the population of San Francisco and they may be more common than you imagine.

“Given the miles traveled by cable cars, the fact that people hang off the cable car as it winds its way through traffic, the number of people who run to catch moving cable cars or the hard surfaces of cable car construction, can all work to increase the injuries on these charming modes of transportation,” says law partner George Choulos.


At the law firm of Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle, we have the resources and experience to investigate these types of public transportation accidents and obtain the maximum compensation allowed. Our legal professionals have experience as MUNI Accident Lawyers. We cover not only San Francisco, but also all of Northern California including San Jose and Oakland.

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