Things to consider before you hire a personal injury attorney

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Going through the trauma of being injured can place you under stress. You’re dealing with physical pain, emotional duress, medical bills, possibly law enforcement issues, and a general upheaval of your life.

Fortunately, retaining an attorney can help you sort through all of these issues, but it’s vital to make sure you choose one that’s best suited for your situation and your temperament. If you don’t choose well, you could only be compounding your problems instead of minimizing them.

Instead of rushing out and retaining the first attorney you come across, there are a few things you should consider before making a final decision.


When you are injured, the natural reaction most times is to become emotional and to let those emotions rule important decisions you might have to make. But an attorney is trained to be objective and rational, and when combined with many years of experience, they will represent you in a thoughtful way. It’s best to gauge the level of objective thought an attorney displays as part of the vetting process.

Experience with insurance companies.

By their very nature, insurance companies are in business to protect their own assets and to use a variety of tactics to pressure injured parties into lesser settlements. An attorney who has experience with insurance companies will be immune to these tactics, giving you a fighting chance to be paid what you deserve.

Settlements vs. jury verdicts.

A seasoned attorney will have experience in both settlements and jury trials, and know when it is appropriate to move in either direction. You should outline the details of your case and seek preliminary input from an attorney you are considering.


An attorney will not do all the work on a personal injury case by themselves. You need to determine what other resources an attorney has at their disposal, including medical professionals who can serve as professional witnesses, accident reconstruction professionals, and financial experts who can help find an appropriate dollar amount in a settlement or an award phase of the trial.

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