Weekend Motorcycle Rides in Marin County

-Posted On February 19, 2014 In Motorcycle Community-

motorcycle_sunsetEvery Saturday and Sunday morning while most residents of Marin are still sleeping, avid motorcyclists are already out on their weekend morning rides. If you live near Shoreline Highway, you can almost set your clock to the motorcycle engine echoes as they come by right on time.

Of course, over the years I have let the squids take off earlier and have a half hour lead. If you want to ride with the post Sunday Morning Ride group, just swing by Starbucks in Tam Valley at around 8:00 a.m. If you want to be a part of the cherished mayhem of the official ride, you will need to meet up at the ARCO at 7:30 a.m.

There are many hidden gems in Marin county north of San Francisco for beautiful rides through the open hills, woods and oceanside. Marin Speed Shop highlights some great Marin county motorcyle rides for the passionate NorCal rider, including food stops that many locals don’t even know about. One favorite ride:

  1. Lucas Valley Road, West
  2. Nicasio Valley Road, North to Red Hill Road, Petaluma
  3. Hicks Valley Road, West
  4. Fallon-Two Rock Road, West
  5. Whitaker Bluff Road, West
  6. Valley Ford Franklin School Road, South
  7. Dillon Beach Road, South/East
  8. Stop: Tomales Deli + Cafe
  9. Shoreline Highway, South at Tomales
  10. Stop: Marshall Store in Marshall
  11. Marshall-Petaluma Road, East
  12. Hicks Valley Road, East
  13. Point-Reyes Petaluma Road, North
  14. San Antonio Road, East back to 101

With this beautiful weather, I think I’m going to take this ride myself soon! As I am from Mill Valley, I tend to favor the ride over the hill to Muir Beach and then by Stinson to Point Reyes.

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