Charitable Trust Fund Set Up to Help San Francisco Road Rage Bicycle Survivor

-Posted On June 24, 2010 In Bicycle Accidents-

I told you earlier that Choulos, Choulos and Wyle, San Francisco injury attorneys, are
representing the most badly injured survivor in the San
Francisco Road Rage incident
. His name is Rolando Casajeros. He is 39 years
old and has been staying with friends in Redwood City since being released from
the hospital after being run down by a car.

The alleged driver of the car, David
Mark Clark
, 39, of
Albany, is in custody, undergoing psychiatric evaluation, awaiting charges of
attempted murder aggravated assault and hit-and-run resulting in injury for his
unprovoked attacks on four bicyclists in the Mission District on June 2, 2010.

In the aftermath of finding and jailing the perpetrator, it
is easy to assume that the case has been “solved” and that the criminal justice
system will provide retribution for Mr. Casajeros and the other victims. In one
sense, this is correct. The criminal charges against Clark will grind through
the justice system and if Clark is convicted he will eventually pay for his

But one much larger question must be addressed today.  Rolando Casajeros was severely injured in
this attack. He suffered 12 facial fractures, bleeding on the brain, fractured
his jaw, and lost teeth. He had to undergo a 19 hour surgery and has more
surgeries and many, many months of long and painful healing ahead of him.

Healthy San Francisco is a City-established program that
covers the actual medical expenses, but Mr. Casajeros has no way to support himself
during the rehabilitation process. As I said, he is staying with generous
friends in Redwood City, but he has no means of support because he will not be
able to return to his job as a waiter for months. He will also need transportation
to and from his physical therapy appointments

As an avid bicyclist myself I knew that members of the San
Francisco cycling community would like a way to help a fellow cyclist when injured
by someone who refused to share the road!

To make it possible to donate, we have set up a special trust fund in Mr. Casajeros’ name.  Donations can be sent to: 

Claude Wyle
Choulos, Choulos and Wyle
425 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

Make your checks payable to Rolando Casajeros and Claude
Wyle, trust account number 7734751691.One hundred
percent of the money will be spent on behalf of Mr. Casajeros to help with his
expenses during his lengthy rehab.

If you want to show your support in person and make a donation
there will be a fund raiser at the Old Clam House
on June 27 at 3 pm.

If you need
more information, please call Claude Wyle, Choulos, Choulos and Wyle (415)

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