Important Steps You Need to Take After the Accident: Accident Lawyer SF

posted in Uncategorized, by dcmmoguls, on October 23, 2017

Accidents happen every day. Whether a major collision or a minor fender bender, an accident on the road is bound to happen. Despite this understanding, few know the proper steps to take following an accident in San Francisco. All your questions can feel overwhelming at the moment which is why it is important to know the answers by heart. If you have recently been in an accident, follow these steps so you can get compensation with your accident lawyer and put this accident to rest.

  1. Look at your surroundings and try to understand what is going on. You need to understand if your body is in pain, if you are still in any immediate danger, whether there are witnesses and anything else that could relate to the accident.
    3. Seek medical help. Sometimes symptoms of severe injuries don’t show themselves until much later, seek medical attention to ensure that your injuries will not worsen.
    4. Contact the Police. Make sure that you and the other person involved stay so that they can file an accident report. This aspect of the steps is crucial because the police are viewed as the unbiased party and their report will have more strength than anything you personally say in court. Make sure what you tell them is correct, and if you don’t know just say so.
    5. Gather Information. Now it’s time to play detective. Even the smallest piece of information can make a difference in your case. Where there any witnesses around who saw what happened? Also, taking photos of the scene will allow the courts to better understand what happened at the time of the accident. The best chance you have is to be thorough.
    6. Seek Legal Help. After accidents, you will be in contact with insurance companies to understand what happened during the accident and the extent of your injuries. Keep in mind that insurance companies are still businesses at the end of the day and will do what is necessary to give you the smallest compensation they can. In having an accident lawyer in San Francisco, you can be sure that you are protected no matter what happens.