Settlements: San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents

posted in Pedestrian Accidents, by dcmmoguls, on August 3, 2018

Typically, when one is in the process of filing an insurance claim or lawsuit after an accident that may be considered a pedestrian accident, they are thinking about what it is that they will be receiving in compensation for their injuries. This is not exactly a question that can be given a completely accurate answer. As any injury lawyer will tell you, there are many different factors and variables that go into manifesting the final amount of compensation you will receive.

With that being said, of all of the 50 states, California law deals with more infringements involving cars than a large majority of the rest of the country. For that reason, there are certain details of a pedestrian accident that must be made apparent to make an impact on the total sum of the compensation you may be entitled to.

Painful Factors in San Francisco Pedestrian Accidents

The following are factors to consider in regard to pedestrian accidents:

  • The extent of your injuries caused by the accident will always be at play when deciding an outcome.
  • The extent and the nature of your actual treatment for your potential injuries. For instance, a chiropractor, acupuncturist, or any kind of alternative treatment would not make as deep of an impact as compared to an emergency room doctor and specialist.
  • A less common factor (due to the difficulty in providing the actual evidence for it) is to prove how your injuries have impacted your everyday life as a factor in your claim/lawsuit. Certain lost opportunities and life-long injuries tend to cause the settlement value to rise considerably.

Time is Money

Due to the intense nature of a pedestrian accident, it is wise to note of exactly how much time of absence that you have been forced to take off of work due to your injuries. All possible loss of income is reimbursed.

Like reimbursement of time lost, it is important to note how any of your injuries caused by the accident prevented you from working on the same efficiency you are used to- or even at all. Major compensation should then be made. Contact the law offices of Choulos, Choulos, & Wyle for assistance.