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-Posted On October 24, 2011 In Motorcycle Accidents-

San Jose Motorcyclist Lost His Life Due to Ladders On the Highway

With anger and more than a little frustration I need to report to you that a motorcyclist was killed one evening last week after he ran over two fiberglass ladders in the middle of Highway 101. This collision sent him off of his motorcycle and into oncoming traffic where he was hit by a car. First, to his family, please accept my heartfelt condolences and sincerest best wishes during this horrible time. As bikers, we try to avoid motorcycle accidents by pretending that we are invisible, knowing that cars will drive right into us if given half the chance. We…
-Posted On May 5, 2011 In Motorcycle Accidents-

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorney Salutes Todd Overzet, CHP

A veteran CHP motorcycle officer returned to duty on Monday after suffering from critical injuries in a crash nearly a year ago . Motorcycle crashes can be horrific and often end in lifelong disability.  But I’m happy to report that Todd Overzet, CHP, was able to heal from his serious personal injuries he received in a motorcycle accident and return to his job one year after his horrific crash in Petaluma. According to the CHP, Officer Todd Overzet, who has been with the CHP for 20 years, suffered multiple and severe injuries, including a torn aorta, fractured right forearm and…
-Posted On May 2, 2011 In Motorcycle Accidents-

Study Identifies Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

European investigators recently published what experts have called the most comprehensive collection of data on European motorcycle accidents. Although information about the United States was not included in the study, its findings can still help American motorcyclists stay safe. The study included data collected from 921 motorcycle accidents (103 of which were fatalities) in France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. In addition, the study included exposure data – info from riders who did not crash – which permitted researchers to draw larger conclusions about risk factors in motorcycle accidents. Causes of Accidents Are Familiar The conclusions of the study…
-Posted On April 19, 2011 In Motorcycle Accidents-

San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Point Out New 2011 Traffic Laws

As San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and avid bikers ourselves, we understand both the dangers that motorcyclists face on the roads, but also the advantages. And we know that motorcyclists help the environment by using less gas and less space on the roads and less space parking. We may be a bit noisy but motorcycle commuters have less of a carbon footprint than car drivers. We are a few months into the new year, but we wondered how many of you know about some new traffic laws affecting motorcyclists effective 2011. As San Francisco Motorcycle Accident Attorneys and avid bikers…
-Posted On April 1, 2011 In Motorcycle Accidents-

NTSB Urges States to Adopt Tougher Motorcycle Helmet Laws

While the number of motor vehicle fatalities in the United States has been declining in recent years, the number of motorcycle deaths has been rising. Even though motorcycles account for only three percent of vehicles on the road, they account for 13 percent of fatalities. According to National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), 12 motorcyclists die in the U.S. each day and the leading cause of death is head injuries. Universal Helmet Laws Are a Solution For this reason, the NTSB has recommended that states require all motorcycle riders, regardless of age, to wear helmets. Although 47 states have helmet…
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