The Shock of Eye Injuries

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Every day, we rely on our eyesight to navigate through the world. What would happen if suddenly your vision was diminished through no fault of your own?

A traumatic eye injury can result from a multitude of situations. Vision impairment can result from an accident caused by another individual, a negligent doctor, toxic chemicals, substandard LASIK surgery, or even come from a defective product such as an airbag. And some of the most challenging cases arise when children are involved.

Regardless of the patient’s age, the result of an eye injury case can be life changing. It may involve loss of peripheral vision, ongoing vertigo, blindness, loss of an eye or double vision. It can lead to blurred vision, lack of depth perception, cause intense headaches, impact mental health and affect daily life.

In a legal case that involves vision loss, the amount that the individual is often awarded will depend on a few criteria including:

  • if one eye or both eyes were affected
  • whether the loss of vision was total or partial
  • how much money they earned at the time of the event
  • whether they have transferable skills for other work
  • their age at the time of the injury

How an Attorney Can Help

Eye injury lawyers understand the complexity of proving a case with vision loss. They have the ability to work with ophthalmologists and other medical experts to help prove your case.

At our San Francisco office, our professional attorneys work to define the long-term economic and personal impact of vision impairment. We are assertive in pursuing adequate compensation for the present as well as the future to protect you and your family.

The most important thing for our client is to focus on healing,” says George Choulos of the prestigious San Francisco law firm serving all Bay Area communities including Oakland and San Jose. “We understand the various challenges of dealing with a severe personal injury and our well-qualified team works tirelessly to handle all the details while our clients recover.”

For further information on your claim or to schedule a complimentary consultation with our experienced legal team, please call us toll-free at 877-702-7800.

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