4 Causes of Dangerous Roadway Accidents

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Although drivers have a right to expect that their cities and towns will adequately care for the highways and streets in their state, roads that have not been properly maintained are known to cause accidents.

If you’ve been in an accident caused by a dangerous roadway, you need professional guidance, caring, focused, and personal attention. That’s exactly what you’ll receive from our senior attorneys at Choulos Choulos & Wyle located in San Francisco, California.

Our dedicated professionals in our Bay Area offices are knowledgeable and skillful dangerous roadway lawyers. They understand exactly what to look for when there is an injury due to a problem with road design or maintenance, also commonly known as a “dangerous road.”

Causes for a Claim

A dangerous road can result from a variety of causes that are not your fault. These include:

  1. Faulty design which may involve dangerous curves in the road layout, obstacles that obstruct visibility, defective guardrails, missing signage, or improper drainage resulting in hydroplaning.
  1. Faulty construction from inferior workmanship or improper inspections.

  1. Faulty maintenance causing dangerous driving surfaces such as potholes, highway erosion, or deteriorated and unreadable signage.
  1. Faulty adaptation to changing conditions such as road cave-ins or excessive accidents in the same location.

Why You Need a Dangerous Roadway Lawyer

An experienced attorney can determine whether any or all of these problems noted above may have contributed to your accident.

Investigation of the accident site and its history requires substantial work, expense, and expertise. It is virtually impossible for a private citizen to do this on their own, but finding out the reason behind hazardous and risky roadway can not only provide adequate compensation for the injury, but it can also help save lives in the future.

Whether you reside in Oakland, San Jose or any Bay City community, let Choulos, Choulos and Wyle use their more than 50 years of combined experience to handle your dangerous roadway case. These professionals have extensive knowledge in this area of law as well as access to a multitude of experts including roadway engineers.

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