Secure Your Rights: Bicycle Accident Attorneys in San Francisco, CA

posted in Bicycle Accident, by dcmmoguls, on September 7, 2018

Whenever there is a crash between a motor vehicle and bicycle, it is the cyclist who stands the most chance of suffering from grievous injuries. Cyclist accidents are somewhat uncommon, but if truth be told, hundreds of cyclists are involved daily in road crashes, resulting in injuries and even fatalities.

Due to several motor vehicles breaking standard traffic rules, 338 cyclists were killed in California in 2012. This was the highest number of cyclists killed anywhere in the US. Cyclists accounted for 2% of the total traffic deaths and another 2% of all injuries caused by crashes in 2014.

San Francisco could be friendlier when it comes to bicycles. Some areas don’t have the proper facilities for cycling and the infrastructure is mostly dominated by motor vehicle drivers who may be distracted, thus making them extremely dangerous.

Behaviors That Can Lead to a Bicycle Accident

  • When a car suddenly stops and opens its door without checking through the rearview mirror, thereby injuring any unaware cyclist coming through the bicycle lane
  • Cars swerving into the cycle lane and hit the brakes suddenly
  • Drivers with no regard for the road signs or traffic rules
  • Cars without headlights
  • Cars driving over-the-limit speeds
  • Faulty infrastructures like potholes or under-constructed roads

Legal Claims Your San Francisco Bicycle Accident Attorney Can Help With

Any cyclist who is injured in a road accident is entitled to compensation – as long as the driver is at fault. What you will receive as compensation is difficult to determine without exploring the individual case. Some common legal claims made by bicycle accident attorneys on behalf of their clients are financial payment for damages (to your bicycle and yourself if you are taken to the hospital), cost of the car rented while your bicycle is out of commission, and many others.

If you are gravely injured in a bicycle accident in San Francisco, do not hesitate to get in touch with Choulos Choulos, & Wyle. We understand the daily risks you go through to reach your destination via a bicycle. Our team of trained and experienced bicycle accident attorneys serves clients all over the San Francisco, California area.