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Motorcycle Accident Testimonials

So a while back I was hit by somebody. I was riding my motorcycle with my girlfriend on back, and some douchebag changes his mind and turns from the right lane into Goodwill. Only I was in the way.

Fast forward a while and I was getting the run around from both insurance companies. I decided I needed a lawyer. Never having used a lawyer, and generally being against suing people, I was leery.

I called a few people. One guy, Michael Padway, Georgeonbiketold me that he didn’t think I had a case despite the police report putting the other guy at fault and all witness statement matching completely, including the other driver. Another lawyer didn’t return my call for weeks.

I ended up going with Choulos, Choulos and Wyle. BARF sponsors, riders, and members of the community. Claude Wyle took my case and things moved forward, slowly. It took what seemed like forever but Claude told me to be patient and hang on.

Well last Friday, Claude called and said to come on down. The case had been settled and he had a check for me. Needless to say, I was blown away by the settlement. It more than made up for the loss of my bike, the neck injections, the pain, and the time it took to get some justification.

I can solidly recommend Choulos, Choulos and Wyle. If you get hurt on your moto, feel free to call them. They will do you right.

This is an unsolicited opinion.


Client vs. Private Bus Company

Wrongful Death of Husband and Father in Bus Accident Settlement: $4,200,000

Client vs. State of California

Dangerous highway off -ramp resulting in spinal injuries and paralysis Settel ment: $2.800,000

Client vs. Western Building

Construction truck runs red light, hits pedestrian and causes Brain Damage Settlement: $2.030,000

Client vs. Tow Truck Company

Fatal truck crash, wrongful death policy limits Settlement $545,000