Motorcyclist Accidents and Your Compensation: Motorcycle Accident Lawyer SF

posted in Uncategorized, by dcmmoguls, on December 18, 2017

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists in 2015 “were 29 times more likely than passenger car occupants to die in a crash per vehicle mile traveled”. Considering a number of car crashes that happen every day in major cities across the United States, this statistic is an alarming reality. Drivers are inattentive and do not keep motorcyclists in mind as they navigate the roads. However, courtrooms do not see every motorcyclist accident as a clear-cut fault of the driver, and they may be influenced by negative stereotypes against motorcyclists when reviewing the case. If you are a motorcyclist that has experienced a traumatic injury from an accident, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is the best route for you to take.

One of the most crucial aspects in ensuring that you receive compensation after the accident is determining who is liable for the accident. In San Francisco courts, the liable individual could be the driver, the motorcyclist, or both. Unless you and your motorcycle accident lawyer have the evidence to back up the claims of liability that you have brought to court, it will be difficult to get the amount of compensation that you deserve. Evidence can include things such as pictures of the scene after the accident and witnesses that can testify. Keep in mind that the greater the amount of solid evidence that you have, the stronger your case will be and, consequently, the greater chance you will have of getting a higher amount of compensation.

Another determinant of the amount of compensation you will receive depends on the severity of the injury and the impact that the injury has on your day to day life. If you have suffered injuries that will affect you on a permanent basis, it is a straightforward procedure to calculating your current and future medical costs based on your injury. Also, calculating compensation from your lost wages and future wages will be determined by what you currently make. With a motorcycle accident lawyer in San Francisco, they will help you overcome the biases of court and get the compensation that you deserve.