Fatal Crash Between Motorcycle And Truck Blocks Marin’s Shoreline Highway

posted in Motorcycle Accidents, by Claude Wyle, on June 5, 2017

A Marin County motorcycle accident between a bike and a septic truck in Bolinas proved fatal earlier last month, according to California Highway Patrol.

Reported late in the morning around 10:30am on state Highway 1 near Olema Bolina Road, emergency crews first on the scene noted that “the motorcyclist received immediate medical attention but was pronounced deceased on the scene a short time later.”My heart goes out to the family of this fallen biker. How quickly a wonderfully fun ride can turn tragic!

Although the investigation remains open, Marin-Area CHP Spokesman Andrew Barclay did note that:

“… Our preliminary investigation indicates the motorcyclist was traveling northbound on SR-1 when the rider allowed the motorcycle to cross over the center line and collided with the truck. At this time it does not appear that alcohol and/or drugs were a contributing factor in this collision.”

motorcycle-2186589_640This motorcyclist’s family should consult with a good motorcycle attorney to investigate the facts and circumstances leading to this Marin motorcycling death. Motorcycling does not have to be dangerous if the roadway is clean and in good repair, if the bike is free of defects and if all motorists obey the rules of the road. I recommend that this family carefully inspect the bike for defects which may have caused or contributed to this fatal crash, and that this family also look carefully at the pavement of the roadway to determine whether a feature of the roadway may have been a substantial factor in causing or contributing to this death. Of course, I know that sometimes motorcycle riders do make mistakes, and that these mistakes can prove fatal, but I believe that it is important to learn why this motorcycle rider may have crossed over the line, of indeed if he did at all. If the motorcycle rider was in no shape to speak to the police, how do we know it wasn’t the truck that crossed over to the wrong side of the road? Wouldn’t the bike have had an easier time staying on the right side of the road than a large truck?


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