Construction Site Accidents in San Francisco

posted in Construction Site Accidents, by dcmmoguls, on July 13, 2018

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) categorizes four fatal construction accidents. The accidents are: falls, electrocutions, striking by objects, and getting caught or stuck between objects. These are the main causes of death among construction site workers. Other causes of construction site accidents include injuries from parts and materials, such as pipes, nails, and screws; overexertion because of working long hours; and being caught in collapsed trenches, among many others.

The Scope of the Problem in San Francisco

These accidents are problematic given that when a construction worker is injured, many aspects of their lives are affected. The greatest impact of such accidents is on a worker’s health and income. This burden extends to the family. Injuries acquired while working tend to result in expensive medical bills and other treatment costs, further economic and social strain, and even death.

Legal Requirements

It is a rule that employers put in place various safety measures to help prevent the occurrence and the severity of such accidents. Employees should receive enough training on how to operate machinery and other equipment used on-site. Such training will have a big impact in reducing the frequency of such accidents.

Employment compensation benefits should cover Injuries acquired on the job, but in some situations, workers may not get enough reimbursement for their medical and other treatment expenses. The reimbursements allocated could fail to cover the lost income and the constrained ability to work as a result of the injuries.

Seeking Help in San Francisco

When an accident occurs, the initial step should be to file a claim, as required by law. If the claim is not enough, it is advisable to seek a third-party injury claim. Negligence on the part of an employer, manufacturer of equipment, or owner of a property under construction could cause personal injuries. In such incidences where the liability of the accident is shared, the employee is eligible to file a third-party claim for personal injuries.

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