San Francisco Pedestrian Injuries Caused by Truck Accident

posted in Automobile Accident, by Claude Wyle, on March 22, 2018

Seven San Francisco pedestrians suffered personal injuries on a January afternoon when truck crashed into a group of pedestrians in San Francisco. Multiple injuries were confirmed.

Thankfully, in this day of hit and run injuries, this driver and the occupants of the truck stayed on the scene and cooperated with the San Francisco police.

The box truck driver was taken into custody shortly after striking the seven pedestrians. The official cause of the crash was never actually released.

Fire crews were the first to respond to the event, and thankfully there were no indications the incident was the result of a terrorist attack.

According to reports, the box truck made an illegal left turn and struck two pedestrians, a parked vehicle, and a Mazda sedan carrying a family of five.

Among those suffering personal injuries were one elderly person, along with the five occupants of the Mazda vehicle, who were treated at the scene for personal injuries.

Isn’t this a weird world when there is a truck accident and we have to ask if this was a terrorist attack? This reminds us all that trucks are big and dangerous, and if not driven with extra caution, trucks can be deadly to pedestrians and bicyclists and motorcyclists alike. That is why there are so many rules governing safe truck driving, placed into our laws to reduce truck accidents and injury from truck accidents. I hope these injured pedestrians were able to find a good competent San Francisco pedestrian accident attorney.


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