The Devastation of a Spinal Cord Injury

posted in Uncategorized, by dcmmoguls, on October 2, 2017

A spinal cord injury can turn a person’s world upside down in ways never imagined. There are financial, emotional and psychological repercussions.

Situations that cause spinal cord injuries can happen at work, on a construction site, driving a car or motorcycle, playing contact sports, cycling, falling from a ladder, slipping in the tub and more.

There are many cases in which the injured person is not at fault. A competent lawyer will be able to review the details of the case and identify whether someone else is, in fact, liable and responsible.

Long-Term Needs

A serious spinal cord injury can cause long-lasting physical impairment, and in some cases, permanent paralysis. Professional representation by an attorney can help prove the liability of the other party and assist in obtaining the compensation you need and deserve.

Spinal cord injuries can change lives and families. When this type of devastating trauma occurs, the only thing you or your loved one needs to concentrate on is healing.

Gathering all the necessary documents for this type of case can be overwhelming. This is when a spinal cord injury lawyer can help.

Whether you live in San Jose or another Bay Area city, our office will manage the process of collecting all relevant medical records, file for out-of-pocket expenses related to your injury, uncover police and accident reports, put together relevant photographs, obtain witness statements, and identify proper documentation of lost wages from your employer.

Our experienced lawyers also have resources to assess your current and future financial needs and can help determine the amount your claim is worth. Persons who suffer spinal injuries and their families must often deal with long-term health care issues, rehabilitation, specialized equipment and frequently a lifetime of support.

At Choulos, Choulos & Wyle, our San Francisco spinal cord injury lawyers can give you the experienced representation that your spinal injury deserves. Contact us now toll-free at 877-702-7800 or 415-432-7292 for a complimentary consultation and review of your case.